About Robert Chuckrow:

Robert Chuckrow (born in 1936) has a Ph.D. in experimental physics from NYU and taught physics at NYU, The Cooper Union, The Fieldston School, and other schools for forty-three years. He has taught physics of sound at both NYU and Fieldston. He has built two harpsichords and a clavichord and has restored and tuned a number of old keyboard instruments.

His interest in historical tunings was spawned by his harpsichord teacher, Lynn Chapparro, with whom he studied in the early 1970s, and his interest in Bach dates back to when he was in his early teens.

Robert Chuckrow Headshot

Robert Chuckrow

Robert Chuckrow Headshot

A Stodart square grand piano (c. 1850) restored by Robert Chuckrow.