Comparison of Frequencies in Different Tunings/Temperaments

Relative frequencies in different tunings/temperaments

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“Temperament wheel,”* comparing the frequencies of meantone temperament (M), just tuning (J), Pythagorean tuning (P), equal temperament (E), and ¼-comma well temperament (W). One octave = 360° = 1200¢. Note that the discrepancy between associated flats and sharps of meantone temperament and just tuning is greater than that of Pythagorean tuning. Equal and well temperaments have no such discrepancy.

*From Robert Chuckrow, Historical Tuning of Keyboard Instruments: Theory and Practice, Rising Mist Publications, Briarcliff Manor, NY, 1999, 2006, p. 67.

©Copyright 2012 by Robert Chuckrow

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